2020 Miss Georgia Sweet Onion Pageant
Glennville City Auditorium

Megan Dukes
2019 Miss Georgia Sweet Onion
~ Pageant Rules and Regulations ~

Please read carefully!

Contestants must be between the ages of 16-22, who have never married, have no children and have never been pregnant

All contestants will be judged on beauty, personality, poise and the ability to be a public relations representative for the Glennville Sweet Onion Committee.  Contestants will have a personal interview with the judges and compete in sportswear and evening gown. Although talent is not a consideration, the contestants will perform an opening number.

The winner of the pageant will be under contract with the Georgia Sweet Onion Committee for one year.  The queen must agree to be available on request for appearances.  In the event that the queen holds any other title it us understood that the Miss Georgia Sweet Onion Crown takes precedence, and the queen MUST participate as Miss Georgia Sweet Onion.  If the queen for any reason cannot participate in an event, the first runner-up can be called to take her place.  If the queen marries, becomes pregnant or moves out of the state of Georgia during her reign, the first runner-up will assume the title of queen for the remainder of the pageant year. It is at the discretion of the pageant committee that if for any reason the queen is not performing her duties satisfactory, the first runner- up will take her place.

Miss Georgia Sweet Onion will receive a crown, trophy, roses, cash awards and gift certificates.  We encourage thank you cards to be sent to the merchants.

Monetary awards for the queen and her court will be given as follows:
Queen- All gift certificates one week after the festival. All cash awards will not be given until she crowns her successor, provided no conditions have been violated.
Other members of the court- Will be given awards after the festival

Sponsorship fee is $65 to be turned in with application.  The check is to be made to the Sweet Onion Festival Committee.

All contestants will be dressed in accordance with the theme for the opening number.  Three practices will be held prior to the pageant.  The practice are MANDATORY in order to participate in the pageant! (Exceptions in emergency situation only!)

Updated: 5/13/2019
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